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Thursday, 26 May 1904

Mr BROWN - I shall content myself with the remark that that innuendo has been thrown out against the leader of the House for low-down political purposes. I despise the honorable and learned member from whom it emanates. I am prepared to go outside and to fight my political battles, but I believe in straight, fair, fighting.

Mr Conroy - That is straight fighting, and I shall fight against' that kind of thing to the day of ' my death.

Mr BROWN - As this innuendo has been made against the Prime Minister, I shall quote the utterances of a worthy clergyman in Sydney from his pulpit last Sunday with respect to that honorable gentleman. In. the course of his sermon last Sunday, the Rev-. George Walters used these words: -

Upon merely party questions I shall not speak from this pulpit, but upon the purely personal aspect I venture to say that the present Premier, Mr. J. C. Watson, is one of the cleanest, straightest,. and most honorable of those who have had the destinies of the Commonwealth, in their care and keeping. When in this church, fourteen years ago, I married him to his partner in life, I hardly anticipated that he would become Premier of a united Australia ; but, from that day to this, in humble or exalted position, John Christian Watson has been a true man whom, we may respect and admire, whether or not we agree with his political ideas.

Mr Conroy - Have I denied one word of that?

Mr BROWN - If there is to be a fight in this House by those who do not believe that the Labour Party should sit- on these benches, surely there is plenty of opportunity for them to put up a decent, clean fight. I shall not ally myself with lowdown fighting,, and, although not a Socialist,! should be false to myself, knowing the good, clean lives that these men live, both inside the House and out of it, if I did not raise my protest against -the travesty and the caricature on Socialism which has been presented here to-night.

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