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Wednesday, 25 May 1904

Sir JOHN FORREST asked the Minis ter of Home Affairs, upon notice -

1.   Has he received the final report of Mr. Scrivener on the proposed site for the Seat of Government at Dalgety ; and, if so, will he place it on the Table?

2.   If he has not received it, will he inform the House when he expects to be able to place it on the Table?

3.   Whether Mr. Scrivener,' in his report, gives an opinion as to which site he considers the best in Southern Monaro ; and, if so, will the Minister name it?

4.   Whether Lieut. -Colonel Owen, InspectorGeneral of Works, has given an opinion as to which site he considers best of those he examined in the Southern Monaro and Tumut districts; and, if so, will the Minister name it?

5.   Whether Mr. Chesterman has finally reported on the sites in the Tumut district; and, if so, which of all the sites he has examined does be recommend as most suitable?

6.   What is the altitude of the site recommended by Mr. Chesterman, and the ' highest range of the thermometer in summer?

7.   Has the Minister received from the Public Works Department of New South Wales a report recently made by Mr. Pridham on the water supply and electric power available from the Snowy River and its tributaries?

8.   Will the Minister place the report on the Table, and, if it has not yet been supplied, will he apply for it?

9.   Does he intend that Parliament should have all this recent and valuable information before it in print before proceeding to discuss a Bill fixing the site ; and, if so, will he take immediate steps to have this done?

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