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Wednesday, 27 April 1904

Mr WATSON (Bland) (Treasurer) .- In reply to the honorable and learned member for Corio, I have to say that I naturally have no knowledge of the military regulation to which he refers; but I shall bring the matter under the attention of my colleague the Minister for Defence. I shall also give attention to the' expedition of. replies to military corres pondence. As to the question of the honorable member for Herbert, I have not had time to see any papers connected with the matter. I have merely seen, what I presume the honorable member himself has seen, the announcement in the newspapers.

Mr Deakin -The conferring of the title was recommended by me.

Mr WATSON - I dare say that if any honorable member does not desire to retain the title he is not compelled to do so; but the action of the late Prime Minister seems to me only a graceful recognition of the services of the first Commonwealth Parliament.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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