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Thursday, 21 April 1904

In Committee(Consideration resumed from 20th April, vide page 1181):

Clause 4 -

In this Act, except where otherwise clearly intended - "Industrial dispute" means a dispute in relation to industrial matters -

(a)   arising between an employer or an organization of employers on the one part and an organization of employes on the other part, or \b) certified by the Registrar as proper in the public interest to be dealt with by the Court, and extended beyond the limits of any one State, but does not include a dispute relating to employment in the public service of the Commonwealth, or of a State, or to employment by any public authority constituted -under the Commonwealth or a State. . . .

Upon which Mr. Fisher had moved by way of amendment -

That after the word " State," line 12, the words " but does not include " be omitted, with « view to insert in lieu thereof the words " and Includes."

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