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Wednesday, 20 April 1904

Mr FOWLER (Perth)

Mr Deakin - I hope the honorable member is not going to discuss the question.

Mr FOWLER - I propose to discuss the position created by the opposition to the Minister's proposal. I can quite understand the attitude taken up by the honorable member for North Sydney, who, no doubt, wishes to assist his party to oust the Government at the earliest possible moment.

Mr DUGALD THOMSON (NORTH SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I am voting with the Government.

Mr FOWLER - I know that.

Mr Lonsdale - The honorable member should not impute motives.

Mr FOWLER - I am not imputing motives. Whilst I. acknowledge that the honorable member for North Sydney may have some reason on his side, I do not understand the attitude of a supporter of the Government in opposing a proposal that forms so prominent a feature of the GovernorGeneral's Speech.

Mr McCay - Does the honorable member suppose that supporters of the Government are obliged to adhere to everything that is mentioned in the GovernorGeneral's Speech?

Mr FOWLER - I had expected that in a formal matter of this kind the supporters of the Government would at least have been content to record any objections they might entertain after the formal stages had been completed. I still hope that the Committee will enable the matter to be carried to the stage proposed by the Minister. After that has been done I shall be quite content to allow the proposal to rest absolutely on its own merits.

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