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Thursday, 14 April 1904

Sir JOHN QUICK (Bendigo) - I would suggest to the Prime Minister that the clause should be negatived. It is one that ought really to be inserted in a Crimes Consolidation Bill. We cannot be too careful to see that our Criminal Law is clearly denned and expressed oh the face of the Act itself. It might be that such a clause would be appropriate in the Customs Act, but wholly inappropriate in a Postal Act.

Mr Deakin - I shall not press the clause in its present form.

Clause negatived.

Clause 9 (Attempt to commit an offence to be deemed an offence).

Mr GLYNN - There is not the moral objection to this clause that can be levelled against the one with which we have just dealt, but there is nevertheless the objection that it is proposed to be inserted in the wrong Bill. Wherever the provision with \yhich we have just dealt appears in other Acts it is followed by this clause.

Mr Deakin - The two are not necessarily connected. .

Mr GLYNN - In the Customs Act the one precedes the other.

Mr Deakin - But this clause has an independent value. ,

Mr GLYNN - It might make a man liable to a double penalty.

Mr Deakin - No; it relates only to future Acts.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 10 (Definitions).

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