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Wednesday, 16 March 1904

Sir JOHN FORREST (SWAN, WESTERN AUSTRALIA) - It has not yet recovered from the effect of that drug, and a good many years will elapse before it does.

Mr Kingston - Why, the Forrest curse is worse.

Sir JOHN FORREST - The right honorable member was not content to misrepresent my actionat the Federal Convention.He seems to haveseized upon some remarkswhich he says were made in this Chamber upon aformer occasion, when I was notpresent. I have never seen those remarks, but, upon two occasions now, with an interval of about six months between them, I have heardthe right honorable and learned member refer to and confirm those statements. He says that they were made here - I donot know by whom-

Mr Kingston - Does the Minister .say seriously that he does not know by whom they were made?

Sir JOHN FORREST - I am not going to-

Mr Kingston - Do not say what is not a fact.

Sir JOHN FORREST - The right honorable member must listen to me.

Mr Kingston - Then, whilst speaking, do not make statements not in accordance with fact.

Sir JOHN FORREST - I have never seen the statements in question.

Mr Kingston - Is it true that the Minister does not know by whom they were made?

Sir JOHN FORREST - I have heard it from the right honorable member.

Mr Fowler - I rise to a point of order. I desire to know if the right honorable member for Adelaide is in order in interrogating the Minister, who is in possession of the floor of the House?

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