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Friday, 26 June 1903

Mr SYDNEY SMITH (MACQUARIE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I wish to ask the Prime Minister a question, without notice, in reference to a reply which he gave to the honorable member for Grampians last night in regard to the collection of the electoral rolls. He is reported to have said that -

The franchise of New South Wales closely approximated -to that of tho Commonwealth, and the rolls of that State were being utilized by the Minister for Home Affairs at a trifling expense.

Is the right honorable gentleman aware that there are very important differences between the State franchise and the Commonwealth franchise, and that fully 15,000 persons who, under the Commonwealth law, would be entitled to vote, are disfranchised' under the State law ? In view of that fact, will the. Minister take prompt steps - I am told that it will not cost more than £1,000-to see that the Federal rollsare so collected as to secure the names of all entitled to vote at the Federal elections, in order that proper data may be given to the Commissioner for the division of the Stateinto electorates 1 I should also like to know from the right honorable gentleman if hewill arrange with the Premier of New South Wales to obtain information from the Statistical department there - -and, I believe, it can easily be obtained - as to the number of adults, male and female, in the variousState electorates, and in the Federal electorates, and the number of names, male and female, on the State rolls.

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