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Thursday, 25 June 1903

Mr McCAY (Corinella) - Does the AttorneyGeneral think that he will require district registries and registrars now that the High Court has a much smaller jurisdiction than he proposed?

Mr DEAKIN - With regard to the point raised by the honorable and learned member for Bendigo, the words to which he takes objection may perhaps not be strictly necessary, but they were adopted from an existing Act, and there appears to be no objection to them. In reply to the honorable and learned member for Corinella,

I desire to say that district registries will still be necessary, but inasmuch as the jurisdiction of the High Court has been reduced, the work of the States officers who will be employed as registrars will also be reduced, and the amount which we shall have to pay for their services will be smaller than it would have been had the original jurisdiction provided for remained to the High Court. I anticipate no difficulty in obtaining the services of States officials for these duties.

Mr. CROUCH(Corio).- As it is probable that the Commonwealth may take over certain other territories, and particularly New Guinea, perhaps it would be as well to substitute the words " within the Commonwealth " for the words " within any State."

Mr DEAKIN - We have prepared for that to a certain extent under clause 85, dealing with rules of court, because we take power to prescribe the extent to which the Act shall be applicable to the courts of territories of the Commonwealth.

Clause agreed to.

Postponed clause 11 -

Sittings of the High Court shall be held from time to time as is required at the principal seat of the court and at each place at which there is a District Registry.

Mr. HIGGINS(Northern Melbourne).I should like to know whether the AttorneyGeneral thinks it necessary to make it compulsory to have sittings ofthe High Court wherever there is a district registry ?

Mr Deakin - Yes ; as required.

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