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Friday, 19 June 1903

Debate resumed from 12th June (vide page 908), on motion by Mr. G. B. Edwards -

That the report of the Select Committee on Commonwealth Coinage brought up, and ordered by this House to be printed, on 4th April, 1902, be now adopted ; upon which Sir George Turner had moved, by way of amendment -

That all the words after "that," line 1, be omitted, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the words - "in the opinion of this House any change to decimal coinage by Australia should, in order to confer in any great measure the benefits expected from it, be preceded by its adoption in the United Kingdom, and if possible be accompanied by the metric system of weights and measures. That in view of the fact that the time has not, in the judgment of the Government of the United Kingdom, arrived for the substitution of the decimal system for the existing coinage, it would not at present be advisable to initiate the system in the Commonwealth."

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