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Thursday, 28 May 1903

Mr FULLER (ILLAWARRA, NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Prime Minister, upon notice -

1.   When is the Federal Patent Bill likely to be introduced '!

2.   Is the Government aware that numerous inquiries are being mode from all parts of the world as to when the Federal Patent Bill is likely to come into force?

3.   Is the Government aware that numerous inventors in all parts of the world, as well as in the Commonwealth of Australia, are not filing applications in the States because they are waiting for the Federal Patent Bill to become law ?

4.   Is it a fact that many of the indices and records in the several States' Patent Offices are in a state of incorrectness and incompleteness; and, if so, is it the intention of the Government to take immediate steps to rectify and consolidate these indices before the Patent Bill is passed?

5.   In reference to the fourth question, has the Government considered the advisability of appointing a small commission of gentlemen, with the requisite technical and departmental knowledge, to investigate, rectify, and consolidate these indices and records, prior to the Patent Bill becoming law, so that the public may thereby be put to the minimum of inconvenience when the Federal Patent Office is opened ?

C.   Has. tlie Government considered that unless some immediate steps are taken to rectify and consolidate the indices and records, prior to the passing of the Federal Patent Bill, the department may, from the start, be in a state of chaos, and the public be hampered in their investigations as to the novelty of their inventions ?

Sir EDMUND BARTON - The Federal Patent Bill is likely to be introduced into the Senate within a month. The other questions pertain to the department of the Minister for Trade and Customs.

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