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Friday, 3 October 1902

Mr SKENE (Grampians) - I should like the Treasurer to give the committee some revised estimate of the amount of surplus revenue to be returned to the States, in view of the reductions in expenditure which have been proposed since the original estimate was given. The Government propose to expend out of revenue £220,969.

Sir George Turner - We have already expended a certain amount of money out of the Treasurer's advance. We propose to expend altogether £257,000.

Mr SKENE - The original estimate of the surplus revenue to be returned to the States amounted to £915,000, but certain savings have been arranged for, an amount of £35,000 in connexion with the military Estimates, and certain reduction in connexion with the Works Estimates, the result of which will be to increase the surplus to be returned.

Sir George Turner - lt is probable that there will be from £80,000 to £100,000 unexpended.

Mr SKENE - - To the original estimate of £915,000 must be added the amounts to which I have just referred, and I should like to know what will be the balance left to be returned to the States after the amount proposed to be expended upon public works is deducted. As it appears to me, the Treasurer's proposal to spend £220,969 less on works than his Original proposal will leave an estimated balance to be returned to the States of £674,031. I arrive at that by deducting £220,969 from the original estimated balance of £915,000. To this we have now to add the £80,000 to £100,000 which will not be spent, leaving an estimated balance to be returned to the States of from £754,000 to £774,000.

Sir GEORGE TURNER - I have the amount of the surplus returnable to each State, and the amount of the reduced surplus. I have given honorable members those figures. The total surplus to be returned will be £915,000, the amount previously stated, less the £220,969 proposed to be expended on works. That will be about £670,000.

Mr Skene - That will be £674,000, but we are proposing to make large sa rings.

Sir GEORGE TURNER - Yes, we have to add to the amount of £674,000 the savings that will be made by the nonexpenditure of certain votes, and I think we may put the total reductions we propose to make at from £80,000 to £100,000.

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