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Thursday, 2 October 1902

Mr O'MALLEY (Tasmania) - - I shall satisfy myself by moving to strike £50 off the salary of the Deputy Postmaster-General.

Sir George Turner - No increase is given to him. He got £500 last year, and he is getting that amount thisyear.

Mr O'MALLEY - I t I think it is too much.

Sir Philip Fysh - He has had that salary for years.

Mr O'MALLEY - It It shows what terrible management there has been in Tasmania.

Sir George Turner - It is not like a new appointment or an increase of salary. It will be very unfair to strike anything off the salary of a man who has been in the position for a number of years.

Mr O'MALLEY - Doe Does the Treasurer think it is unfair ?

Sir George Turner - I think it is, unless it is done in every State.

Mr O'MALLEY - H - Here is an absolute cold-blooded tyrant.

Sir PHILIP FYSH (TASMANIA, TASMANIA) - A very capable officer.

Mr O'MALLEY - I - I am very sore over the way in which Mr. Abbott was treated on the West Coast of Tasmania. No hearing could be given, and if it had not been for the Postmaster-General sending over a special man to the West Coast, Mr. Abbott would have been branded as a thief. There is too much of an oligarchy in Hobart, and the time has come to break it down. If the Treasurerthinks that the Deputy Postmaster-General is not too highly paid for the services he renders, I shall let him go.

Vote agreed to. arrears.

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