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Thursday, 25 September 1902

Mr MCDONALD (Kennedy) - Is it the intention of the Government to sit tomorrow night ? We were told in the early part of the week that it was the intention of the Government to sit on Fridays for the full day, and also on Mondays. I believe that some members, on the strength of what was stated a few days ago by the Acting Prime Minister, have made arrangements to remain in Melbourne continuously for a fortnight. By sitting on Fridays and Mondays we shall save time and probably expedite the close of the session. .

Mr. SYDNEYSMITH (Macquarie).In reference to the point raised by the honorable member for Kennedy, I am disposed to think that since the beginning of the week the circumstances which have confronted us have undergone a change. It was .then understood that the Senate would meet nest week, and that there was a possibility of Parliament disposing of the businesswhich remains during that week. But the other Chamber having adjourneduntil Tuesday week, it is scar cely necessary for honorable members from other States to remain in Melbourne until Saturday, seeing that in any circumstances they must attend here next week.Personally,I see no reason why we should not complete our work during the coming week.

Mr McDonald - That is impossible. Unless we sit on Friday and Saturday, we shall be delayed here for another fortnight, and that will prevent some of usfrom getting round our electorates.

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