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Thursday, 25 September 1902

Mr CLARKE (Cowper) - I wish to put a question to the Minister, but before doing so I desire to say that I am glad that he has consented to include Armidale in the list of sites to be referred to- the committee of experts. Armidale is centrally situated' so far as Australia is concerned, and every place which- has a claim to be considered - and- I contend that Armidale has a claim - should receive fair play. The question I wish to ask is this - Does the Minister intend to incorporate the Dalgety site with Bombala? It was proposed by Mr. Oliver that Buckley's Crossing, otherwise known as Dalgety, should be incorporated with the Bombala site. In the official pamphet which' has been circulated reference is made to a plan and description of boundaries in the- appendix marked' S. I presume that the Minister has a copy of the plan referred to, and I desire to- know whether the Bombala site which he proposes to submit to' the committee is identical with the incorporated site or whether it is the original one.

Sir William Lyne - - It is the first site of Bombala.

Mr CLARKE - It seems to me to be a pity that the' inquiry should be restricted to the first site of Bombala, because Dalgety embraces the Snowy River and the possible water supply of the Bombala site.

Mr Bamford - I think most honorable members understood that the Bombala site , included Dalgety.

Mr CLARKE - The Minister has just informed the House that he proposes to submit only the original Bombala site. Perhaps I shall bring more clearly to the memory of the Minister the position in regard to Dalgety by reading a paragraph from the official pamphlet prepared by himself as Minister ' for Home Affairs. The paragraph is as follows : -

No public inquiry was held at Buckley'sCrossing ; but, although in regard to water resources, position, character of country, and climate, that site had much to recommend it, yet it lacked those special features which the neighbour site of Southern Monaro possessed, and suggested a modified incorporation with that neighbour rather than independent competition. Such incorporation, it will be seen, has been suggested. (See plan and description of boundaries of Southern Monaro extension site marked " S" in appendix.)

What I wish to suggest is that he should include Buckley's Crossing as embracing the possible water supply of the Bombala site.

Sir William Lyne - I shall include it so far as the water supply is concerned.

Mr CLARKE - That is all that is necessary. I should like to have a clear understanding that that part of the scheme Dalgety will be considered by the experts in connexion with, the question of- water supply.

Sir William Lyne - It will be so considered.

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