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Wednesday, 10 September 1902

Mr FOWLER (Perth) - I must also enter my protestagainst the way in which this adjournment has been sprung upon some honorable members. It is apparent from the condition of the Opposition benches that certain honorable members have had some intimation regarding the intentions of the Government.

Mr Wilks - We had no intimation before we came here to-day.

Mr FOWLER - If an arrangement has been entered into between the Government and certain honorable members representing New South Wales-

Mr Deakin - That is not so.

Mr FOWLER - An intimation has been conveyed to some honorable members, because I believe that several have already gone back to Sydney. I fail to see that the slightest consideration has been shown for those honorable members who represent the more remote States. We have been here very patiently attending to the affairs of the Commonwealth for the past eighteen months, and I think it is clue to us that we should be advised regarding the intentions of the Government as early as possible, in order that, in common with those who are more favorably situated, we may make arrangements to proceed to our homes.

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