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Thursday, 4 September 1902

Sir LANGDON BONYTHON (South Australia) - I feel that the supporters of the Government are in an unfortunateposition, although that position appears to be inevitable.I am altogether in favour of the duty of 15 per cent., but I accept a reduction of the duty to 12½ per cent. in order to avoid a conflict between the two Chambers.

Amendment (by Mr. Batchelor) negatived -

That the motion be amended by the omission of the words, " but that the duty be 12½ per cent."

Motion agreed to.

Item 78. Manufactures of metals, viz. : - Engines, gas and oil,and high-speed engines and turbines, water and steam ; engines ; boilers, pumps, machines, and machinery n.e.i.; mining machinery, n.e.i.; electrical machinery, electrical appliances, n.e.i.; rails, fishplates, fishbolts, tie plates, switches, points, crossings, and intersections for railways and tramways ; rolled iron or steel beams, channels, joists, girders, columns, trough and bridge iron or steel not drilled or further manufactured ; shafting, cold rolled, turned, or planished ; also bolts and nuts, ad valorem, 15 per cent.

Request again made.- That the duty be 10 per cent.

Motion (by Mr. Kingston) proposed -

That the amendment requested be not made, but that the duty be 12½ per cent.

Mr. MAHON(Coolgardie). - I wish to enter my final protest against the imposition of duties upon an industry which derives no benefit whatever from the Tariff. We might pass fifty Tariffs, but we could not, by so doing, increase the price of an ounce of gold. But while we cannot increase the price of the product of the miners of Western Australia and of other parts of the continent, we have imposed duties which reduce the purchasing power of their wages, and we are now placing a toll upon mining machinery which will render more costly the operations of their industry. The Minister for Trade and Customs has always been regarded by the democracy of Australia as one of their great champions, but when he goes to Western Australia, and attempts to justify this Tariff to the miners on the gold-fields there, he will find that many of those who were among his warmest admirers in the past-

Mr Kingston - There is no past about it.

Mr MAHON - There is a future, and the Minister will find that these men are no longer to be numbered among his admirers. I do not like the idea of dealing with all the various manufactures of metals comprised in this item in globo, and I had intended to move that the duty upon electrical machinery and appliances and other machinery, which cannot be manufactured to any extent in Australia, be reduced to 10 per cent. ; but,- as the committee is evidently not favorable to an amendment of that kind, I shall not press it.

Motion agreed to.

Item 84. Oils..... Solar oil, residual oil, naptha, benzine, .benzoline, gasoline, per gallon, Jd.

Sequent again made.-That solar oil and residual oil be added to the special exemptions.

Motion (by Mr. Kingston) proposed -

That the amendment requested be not made, but that the duty upon solar oil and residual oil be Jd.

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