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Thursday, 28 August 1902

Mr WINTER COOKE (Wannon) - I am sorry that the feeling of the committee seems to be against the proposal of the honorable member for Grampians. At any rate, the representatives of one State, which at present has the advantage of sixpenny telegrams within a certain radius, are very strongly against that proposal. I am afraid that if we permit differential telegraphic rates, the result may be that when 'at some future time it is sought to adopt a uniform tariff, we shall find very strong protests made on behalf of what I may call vested interests. We may find the residents of towns, which have the advantage of lower rates, contending that if there is to be a uniform tariff throughout the Commonwealth it must bc that to which they have been accustomed. When it is remembered that beyond a certain distance, from the centre of a city, a charge of 9d. is proposed to be made for a telegram, and a charge of ls. for sending the same telegram into another State, no matter what the distance may be, how can it be said that the charge is being made in accordance with the services "rendered 1

Again, while it is proposed to send a telegram 5 miles for 9d, the same telegram can be sent 300 miles for the same amount. I think for the reasons I have given that the committee should support the amendment proposed by the honorable member f or Grampians.

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