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Thursday, 28 August 1902
Thursday, 28 August 1902

Mr. Speakertook the chair at 11 a.m., and read prayers.


Mr. CLARKEasked the Treasurer, upon notice -

1. Is he aware that a considerable sum of money isowing by the Postmaster-General's department to thecontractorsforthe supply of telegraph poles and that the amounts owingcannot be paidowing, it is alleged, to the Treasurer's advance vote being exhausted?

2. If the reason given is correct, will he take steps to insure the payments of the amounts involved ?

Sir GEORGETURNER.- I intend to make inquiries into this matter. It is a fact that the Treasurer's advance vote is, unfortunately, practically exhausted, some very heavy claims having been made upon it ; but whenever a department makes application to me for small amounts for wages and small contracts I endeavour, by some means, to make arrangements to meet them. The Postal department recently applied for a sum of £2,000 in connexion with this matter.


Mr. CLARKEasked the Minister representing the Postmaster-General, upon notice -

1. Has a suggestion reached the Department of the Postmaster-General to insert a clause in future mail contracts providing that all postal officials when travelling on duty shall be carried free?

2. By whom was such suggestion (if received) made ?

3. If received, has such proposal been carefully considerd ?

4. Has such a provision been recently intro duced into mail contracts of the State of Queensland ?

Sir PHILIPFYSH. - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follow : -

1 . No such suggestion has reached the depart ment of the Postmaster-General. 2 and 3. Replies included in the answer to

No. 1.

4. No.

In Committee(Consideration resumed from27th August, vide page 15495) :

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