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Wednesday, 20 August 1902

Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat) (AttorneyGeneral) . - The proposal is that the department in each State, whatever it may be called, which undertakes the work of collecting the data upon which weather forecasts are made, is to have its telegrams transmitted free until the Commonwealth establishes its own meteorological bureau. Every State is put on the same basis j no concession is made to one more than to another, and no new concession is made. The reason for this proposal is that, as the committee is aware, it has been the practice in every State since there has been a meteorological service established - and I think that means, practically, during the life of each State - to allow it free telegrams. Unless this amendment were carried, this measure would create as entire a change in that respect as it does in regard to ordinary departmental telegrams j they would have to pay, although, up to the present time, they have never been charged for their telegrams. The proposal is simply to continue the existing state of things in each State until the Commonwealth takes over the service, or establishes its own meteorological department. Then, like every other department of the Commonwealth, it will be charged the cost of its telegrams, although that will mean only the transference of money from one pocket to another. In the meantime this proposal is approved by the Government, because it continues the existing state of things pending the establishment of a federal department, in order that the public shall not be deprived of any advantage which may be derived from the forecasts which have hitherto been obtained from their own or any other State meteorologist.

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