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Thursday, 14 August 1902


Minister for Defence, upon notice -

1.   Has any inquiry been made into the circumstances surrounding the death, on the 9th June last, of Trooper John Anderson, of Silkstone, Ipswich, Queensland, through poisoning by eating tinned fish purchased from the canteen on board the transport ship Custodian, and if not,wny not?

2.   Is the Minister aware that several similar cases (one fatal) of poisoning occurred on the troopship returning withthe Fifth and Sixth Queensland Contingentsfrom South Africa ?

3.   Has any inquiry been made as to how the poisonous foodwas obtained, by whom it was Supplied,and whether that supplied as rations or obtainedby purchase on board these ships was subject to any inspection ?

4.   Does the Minister intend to take steps to punish those responsible for supplying such unwholesome food to men going to or returning from serving the Empire on the battle-fields of South Africa ?

5.   Is the Minister aware that, though Trooper John Anderson died on the 9th June, and the ship arrived at Capetown on the loth June, no official intimation of his decease had reached his parents up to the 2nd July, and will he explain why and now this delay was occasioned ?

6.   Has the property left by Trooper Anderson been returned to his parents ? If not, will the Minister cause inquiries to be made as to its disposition, with a view to its return?

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