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Tuesday, 29 July 1902

Mr THOMSON (North Sydney) - Ithink the honorable member for Melbourne Ports is quitewrong in statingthattheseimportations are interfering with our local growers. It must be evident to him that the jam manufacturers in Australia cannot carry on an export trade, such as we all desire to see, unless they are able to obtain drawback upon the sugar they use, and they must import sugar in order to secure the refund of the duty.

Mr Mauger - The sugar to which I refer is being used for ordinary consumption - the grocers are advertising it for sale.

Mr THOMSON - I think the honor able member will find that the great bulk of it is being used by jam manufacturers, with a view to obtaining drawback upon the sugar used in the manufacture of the jam which they export, though some is, no doubt, required to make up the shortage of our own production. If the Australian sugar producers cannot compete under the operation of a duty of £6 per ton, they cannot expect the people to submit to a heavier burden.

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