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Tuesday, 29 July 1902

Mr L E GROOM (DARLING DOWNS, QUEENSLAND) - No, he does not. The Minister now says that there are other classes of offences not altogether connected with electoral expenses, such as bribery and undue influence, and that these offences may be committed either hy the candidate or by his agent.

Mr Hughes - What is the penalty for exceeding the amount allowed for expenses.?

Mr L E GROOM (DARLING DOWNS, QUEENSLAND) - That would be an illegal practice, and would be punishable under paragraph (c) of clause 185, which provides that " an}' contravention by a candidate of the provisions of Part XV. of this Act, relating to the limitation of electoral expenses," shall be an illegal practice. For this the penalty provided is a fine not exceeding £200, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months. If a candidate is guilty of an illegal 'practice, or authorizes other persons to act illegally, he will be liable to the penalty, and the Minister does not desire to exempt him. He therefore proposes that if any individual, not being a candidate, commits any of these offences, he shall be liable to punishment.

Mr Fowler - Supposing a candidate spent £90 and a friend of his spent £20 - what would be the result t

Mr L E GROOM (DARLING DOWNS, QUEENSLAND) - If the expenditure of the £20 were authorized by the candidate, lie would be liable.

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