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Wednesday, 23 July 1902

Mr TUDOR (Yarra) - I desire to know whether in electorates which contain only a few pollingplaces, the votes cast will be forwarded to one centre, at which the scrutiny will be conducted? If not, it seems to me that each candidate will require one scrutineer at each polling place where votes are to be counted.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 158 agreed to.

Clause 159 -

A ballot-paper shall be informal if -

(b)   In elections for the Senate it has crosses in squares opposite the names ofa greater orless number of candidates thanthe number required to be elected , or being : a postal ballot-paper, it has no names written on it, or has a greater or less number of names written on it than there are candidates required to beelected : or

(c)   In elections for the House of Representatives it does not contain the number 1. in any square opposite the name of a candidate, or contains the number 1. opposite the names of more than one. candidate : or

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