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Friday, 20 June 1902

Mr WATSON (Bland) - This is not a question of therepresentation of a capital as a capital, or ofproperty,but a question of the representation of individuals.Wherever a voterresides he has a voice in the control of the affairs of the country.

Mr A McLEAN (GIPPSLAND, VICTORIA) - One class ofvoter is in the city all day doingbusiness, andthe other class merely sleeps there atnight.

Mr WATSON - I do not see that it matters to an individual where he votes so long as his vote finds expression.

Mr Fowler -It is not aparochial influence.

Mr.WATSON. - It is not aparochial influence which the individual has over the Government of thecountry, and whether he votesat Toorak or Melbourne doesnot matter. In Sydney there has not been the slightest complainton the part of propertyowners, who mostly reside in the suburbs and exercise the franchise there. The effect on the wholeisjustabout the same, andit would be absolutely impossible to insert a clause with the object mentioned by the honorable member for Gippsland without inflicting a great deal of injury, and leaving openings for unsatisfactory results.

Mr. McCOLL(Echuca). - It is only reasonable that a manshouldhave the right to choose whetherhewill voteat the place in which he isactually domiciled orwhere his business premises are.

Mr.Fowler. -How often would such a voter be allowed to change - at everybyeelection?

Mr.McCOLL. - Honorable members of the Opposition are desirous of shearers and others havingtheright to vote, wherever theymay be,and surely a business man may beallowed tosaywhether hewill vote athis place of residence or place ofbusiness.

Mr Watson - But we contend that the shearer shall vote onlyforhis own district.

Mr. F.E. McLEAN (Lang). - I suppose clause 25 refers to a scheme ofredistribution,and not to the original distribution by the commissioner. Does this clause govern the first distribution?

Mr.Deakin. - Yes.

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