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Thursday, 12 June 1902

Mr THOMSON (North Sydney) - I should like to ask the Minister for Trade and Customs whether, after the virtual defeat we have witnessed, as shown by the fact that the Government were not able to carry the measure by their votes, he still intends to proceed with it ? To impose such an important financial policy on the country, in the face of the equal vote which has been recorded, will not tend to the credit of the Ministry. When we have claiming our attention measures which should be passed at the earliest possible date, and seeing that the measure which has been saved only by the " skin of its teeth " has no such necessity for haste, I think that if the Minister does determine to proceed, and does try to shackle the country with a policy which has not received the indorsement of this Chamber, he should at least agree to a postponement. This would allow other measures, in regard to whichthere will be found much greater unity of opinion in the Chamber, and in regard to which there is more occasion for legislation, to be proceeded with. It would tend to facilitate business m regard to other measures, and would not injure the progress of this Bill if it were not be proceeded with this evening.

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