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Tuesday, 10 June 1902

Mr PAGE (Maranoa) - I should like some information as to the item of £50 provided for the expenses of the representation df the Commonwealth at an international conference on workmen's insurance at Dusseldorp Germany.

Mr. DEAKIN(Ballarat - AttorneyGeneral). - The question of old-age pensions is intimately associated with the question of workmen's assurance, and a conference is being held at Dusseldorp at which experts will attend from countries in Europe, and, I believe, from America. This £50 will enable us to obtain the services of Sir John Cockburn, who has done so much in this connexion in Australia. He will attend the conference on behalf of the Commonwealth, and furnish us with a report. I think this is money well spent.

Mr. MCDONALD(Kennedy).- When are we likely to get the report of Judge Dashwood, Government Resident at Port Darwin, on the pearl-shelling industry at that place and Thursday Island in connexion with the operation of the Immigration Restriction Act ? I see that £70 appears on the Estimates for this service.

Mr DEAKIN - I understand that Judge Dashwood has finished his inquiries at Port Darwin and Thursday Island, and is either on his way to or has arrived at Merouka. There is good reason to hope that we shall have his report very shortly.

Reduced vote, £120, agreed to.

Progress reported.

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