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Tuesday, 3 June 1902

Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat) (AttorneyGeneral) . - I desire, with the permission of the House, and without notice, to move -

That the Commonwealth, profoundly rejoicing in the restoration of peace, most cordially congratulates the British Government and people upon its attainment, with fervent hopes for the unity and prosperity of South Africa.

A cablegram was received yesterday from . the Secretary of State for the Colonies announcing that peace had been declared and it appears to me that much of the value of the response given depends upon its. promptness. I trust, therefore, that both Houses will agree to this very simple resolution which it is proposed to cable to London immediately, so that amongst the felicitations which flow in from every part ofthe Empire, that of the Commonwealth may not be absent. It seems to me that the rejoicing here described as profound, is, indeed, of the most deep-seated character, and that without any distinction of party or of opinion, the whole of the Commonwealth may unite in congratulating our fellow countrymen upon the declaration of the peace so long hoped for. We also express a hope for unity and prosperity in South Africa, which, I believe, will he shared without reference to any past events by the wholeof the people of this country.

We are thus in a very short, simple, and direct fashion, expressing that feeling which prevails in the bosoms of thepeople of the Commonwealth of sincere gratitude to Divine Providence that the end of our long and terrible trial by combat has at last been reached.

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