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Friday, 30 May 1902

Mr PAGE (Maranoa) - Can the Treasurer inform the committee what proportion of the item of £3,600 for "proportion of salaries of the State classified staff at the Government Printing - office, Melbourne," will be devoted to the payment of Mr. Brain's salary ?

Sir George Turner - That amount is set apart only for the officers under Mr. Brain. We do not pay the State anything for the Government Printer's services.

Mr. BATCHELOR(South Australia).I do not want to cavil at the proposal to give a gratuity to the Government Printer of Victoria, but I think that there is something in the point taken by the honorable member for Yarra. We are told that a great strain has been put upon the Victorian printing-office, and yet all we do to recompense that office is to give a gratuity of £1 50 to the head of it.

Sir George Turner - We pay overtime to all the State officers who are employed upon the Commonwealth service after ordinary office hours ; while we pay the State for the time that they are so employed during ordinary office hours.

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