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Thursday, 29 May 1902

Mr MAHON (Coolgardie) - It is to be hoped that some better arguments will be available in support of the proposed erection of a monument at Corowa than are those which have been adduced by the Minister for Home Affairs and tlie honorable and learned member for Bendigo. The speech made by the honorable and learned member for Bendigo furnishes an excellent reason for striking out this proposed vote. If it is thought that some monument is necessary to commemorate the beginnings of federation, the federal capital should be the place in which to erect it ; but I should think that the federal capital in itself will, be a sufficient monument to commemorate the event. At all events, it will be a sufficiently expensive, one. To ask that we should erect a fountain in a back-blocks township of whose geographical position not 5 per cent, of the people are aware, is to ask' too much. What possible connexion has Corowa with federation ? If the honorable and learned member for Bendigo had a proper conception of the real necessity for commemorating Australian federation, he would support a proposal to erect a monument to the man who breathed vigour and enthusiasm into the movement, the late Sir Henry Parkes. He was really the originator of the federal movement. If it had been proposed to erect a monument at Albury, which is on the main line, and where every one could see it, it might be different.

Sir William Lyne - Does not the honorable member know that it is possible to travel by rail from Melbourne to Sydney viti Corowa 1

Mr MAHON - It is a strange thing that, no one ever thinks of travelling to Sydney by way of Corowa.

Sir William Lyne - The express does not go that way.

Mr MAHON - That really shows that Corowa is not the place at which to erect a monument to commemorate federation.

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