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Thursday, 29 May 1902

Mr HENRY WILLIS - Only recently.

Sir William Lyne - For some years it has been working at a profit.

Mr HENRY WILLIS - When the Estimates were before the Convention, a loss was shown in the New South Wales Postal department. Very creditable public buildings are erected in South Australia, but without any superfluous adornment. It has been said that South Australia will not have to pay for our postoffices, but if the system which the honorable member desires to perpetuate were continued, expensive clock towers would still be erected in connexion with postal buildings all over New South Wales. We have had the statement of the Minister that a post-office is being erected at Newcastle which, although estimated to cost £19,000 will involve a total expenditure of £37,000. I am told by architects in New South Wales that another story has yet to be added to the building. That is a fair example of the way in which money is squandered in New South Wales. I believe that the Minister for Home Affairs will see that the system is not perpetuated. By the establishment of our own Public Works department we shall have full control over all our works, and I think that the result will be satisfactory.

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