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Wednesday, 28 May 1902

Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat) (AttorneyGeneral) . - I have the honour to move -

That a humble address of congratulation be presented to His Majesty the King, as follows -

To theking's Most Excellent Majesty.

We, Your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia in Parliament assembled, beg leave to approach Your Majesty, and offer our respectful congratulations on the occasion of the Coronation of Your Majesty and your gracious Consort.

We desire also to convey an assurance of our loyal attachment to your throne and person, and of our sincere hope that Your Majesty's reign will be distinguished, under the blessing of Providence, by watchful care to maintain the laws of the Empire, and promote the happiness and liberty of your subjects.

I may remind honorable members that an address in these terms has already been passed by the Senate, and only awaits the assent of this House in order that the necessary authority to present it may be forwarded. The occasion which it marks is one by no means merely ceremonial, but will be of high significance as well as impressive brilliancy. No doubt from every quarter of the Empire, and from every corner of the globe, addresses similar in their purport will be presented to His Majesty. The oneness of the race will again be manifested, in association with a pageant constituting an imposing intimation to the world of that harmony which obtains within the borders of the Empire. All its various communities, many of them gifted like ourselves with a full grant of selfgovernment, are united by and under the Crown, which is the symbol of national unity as well as of its historic memories. The successive reigns of our recent sovereigns have been marked in every instance by plentiful evidences of progress, and there is no reason to fear that the reign now opening will begin under less auspicious circumstances, or will not be productive of as rich a harvest to a people, bound together, not only by the ties of blood, but by allegiance and constitutional alliance. Therefore, in moving this address without further prelude, I merely express the hope that His Majesty's reign may mark a further advance, and, if possible, surpass those of His Majesty's predecessors. Wecannot hope that it will exceed in duration the great reign of that Most Gracious Queen whom it is our pride to remember on every occasion, and to whom our indebtedness is incalculable. We may, however, express the expectation that it will be rich in the development of the arts of peace, and that the stability and greatness of the Empire will be further assured during its progress.

Honorable Members. - Hear, hear !

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