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Wednesday, 28 May 1902

Mr GLYNN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - I should like, without notice, to ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence a question with regard to a telegram I have received from Adelaide in connexion with what seems to be a case of centralization, involving gross injustice to South Australia. Advertisements appeared in the evening newspapers in Adelaide on the 27th inst., inviting tenders for Waggons and harness for the Defence department in Adelaide. The tenders are to be sent in by Thursday, but the specifications must be examined in Sydney. The telegram to which I refer enters a strong remonstrance against the action of the Federal authorities in making arrangements so that tenders can be sent in from Sydney or Melbourne, but not from Adelaide. I desire to know whether the Minister willpostpone the date for the reception of tenders, so as to give people in South Australia an opportunity of tender ing.

SirWILLIAM LYNE.- I did not know anything about this matter until it was mentioned tome just now by the honorable member for South Australia, Sir Langdon Bony th on. I immediately communicated with the Secretary of Defence, Captain Collins, who will be here in a few minutes, and I shall then be able to tell the honorable member what has happened. It seems tome that if tenders are to be invited in all the States it will be an easy matter to send copies of the specifications, so that a fair chance may be given to tenderers in all the States.

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