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Friday, 9 August 1901
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Sir WILLIAM McMILLAN (Wentworth) - We have three or four Bills on the business paper at the second reading stage. We have had the explanations of Ministers in regard to them, and it would conduce very much to the convenience of members and facilitate business if we went through each of these Bills in succession.

Mr Barton - I am going right through with the Post and Telegraph Bill as soon as I can.

Sir WILLIAM McMILLAN - That is what I am desiring to ascertain. . I understood that the Minister for Defence was to be here next week.

Mr Barton - So he will, but I cannot make any promise as regards the Defence Bill until he comes.

Sir WILLIAM McMILLAN - Iam not speaking in any dictatorial spirit, but I think we ought to go right through with each Bill in succession instead of turning our attention from one Bill to the other as we are now doing. It would save a lot of trouble if the course I suggest were adopted, because it is unreasonable to require that members should come here prepared to speak on the second reading of any one of the three or four Bills. We ought to have some sort of order and someunderstanding in the matter.

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