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Part 2 - The Forty-third Parliament - House of Representatives - Office holders*

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Office holders*

JENKINS, Harry Alfred

Speaker of the House of Representatives from 12.2.2008.


Jenkins, Harry Alfred

Deputy Speaker

Slipper, the Hon. Peter Neil

Second Deputy Speaker

Scott, the Hon. Bruce Craig

Speaker's Panel

Adams, the Hon. Dick Godfrey Harry

Burke, Anna Elizabeth

Bird, Sharon Leah

D'Ath, Yvette Maree

Georganas, Steven (Steve)

Livermore, Kirsten Fiona

Murphy, John Paul

Sidebottom, Peter Sid

Thomson, Kelvin John

Vamvakinou, Maria

Parliamentary Party Leaders and Whips Australian Labor Party

Leader of the Party and Prime Minister

Gillard, the Hon. Julia Eileen

Deputy Leader of the Party and Deputy Prime Minister

Swan, the Hon. Wayne Maxwell

Chief Government Whip

Fitzgibbon, the Hon. Joel Andrew

Government Whips

Hall, Jill Griffiths

Hayes, Christopher (Chris) Patrick

Liberal Party of Australia

Leader of the Party and Leader of the Opposition

Abbott, the Hon. Anthony (Tony) John

Deputy Leader of the Party and Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Bishop, the Hon. Julie Isabel

Chief Opposition Whip

Entsch, the Hon. Warren George

Opposition Whips

Secker, Patrick Damien

Marino, Nola Bethwyn

The Nationals

Leader of the Party

Truss, the Hon. Warren Errol

Party Whips

Coulton, Mark Maclean

Neville, Paul Christopher

* As at 1.8.2011.

Note: A Member's preferred name, when not a first name, is shown in italics.