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Part 5 - Referendums and Plebiscites - Referendums and Plebiscites - National plebiscites

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National plebiscites

In Australia referendums on questions that do not affect the Constitution are usually called plebiscites. They have no legal force. Three national plebiscites have been held: two on the conscription of troops during World War I and one on a national song in 1977.

The voting figures at each constitutional referendum* and national plebiscite are shown below. In all cases the italicised words provide the question asked of voters on the referendum ballot paper.

The numbering of the referendums and plebiscites has been given for the convenience of the reader. It is not an official numbering.

* For all referendums up to and including that for 13 December 1919 the sum of 'For', 'Against' and 'Informal' does not equal 'Votes'. The difference is 'Ballot papers issued but not accounted for'.