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BEAZLEY, the Hon. Kim ChristianBiography for BEAZLEY, the Hon. Kim Christian

Member for Swan (WA) 1980-93; Member for Brand (WA) 1993-2007

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the House of Representatives for Swan, Western Australia, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990 and 1993.

Re-elected following 1994 electoral redistribution for Brand, Western Australia, 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2004. Retired prior to general elections 2007.

Parliamentary Positions

Member, Speakers Panel from 16.11.04 to 8.2.05.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Aviation from 11.3.83 to 13.12.84.

Special Minister of State from 14.7.83 to 21.1.84.

Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence from 11.3.83 to 13.12.84.

Minister for Defence from 13.12.84 to 4.4.90.

Vice-President of the Executive Council from 15.2.88 to 1.2.91.

Minister for Transport and Communications from 4.4.90 to 9.12.91.

Minister for Finance from 9.12.91 to 27.12.91.

Minister for Employment, Education and Training from 27.12.91 to 23.12.93.

Minister for Finance from 23.12.93 to 11.3.96.

Deputy Prime Minister from 20.6.95 to 11.3.96.

Committee Service

House of Representatives Standing: Privileges from 15.2.88 to 29.1.96.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts from 26.11.80 to 4.6.81; ASIO, ASIS and DSD from 21.3.02 to 7.3.05.

Joint Standing: Foreign Affairs and Defence from 4.12.80 to 4.2.83; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 20.3.02 to 8.2.05.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Parliamentary Delegation to Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, January 1982.

Member, Australian Delegation to the South Pacific Commission, Pago Pago, October 1982.

Official visits to China, September 1984; New Zealand, March-April 1985; USA and Canada, August-September 1985; Indonesia, April-May 1986; Sweden, Germany and USA, May 1986; USA, August 1986; New Zealand, April 1987 and September 1987; South Pacific, October 1987; Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei, November 1987; Malaysia, April 1988; UK, Sweden and USA, June-July 1988; Papua New Guinea, July 1988; Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, September 1988; Papua New Guinea, October-November 1988; New Zealand, December 1988 and February 1989; USA, Europe and UK, June 1989; Papua New Guinea, January 1990; Turkey, April 1990; Singapore, Japan and South Korea, April 1991; USA and Hong Kong, September-October 1991; USA, July-August 1992; New Zealand, September 1992; Singapore and Indonesia, November 1992; USA, UK, Malaysia and Indonesia, June 1993; Fiji, February 1995; USA, October 1995; Indonesia, December 1995; India, Singapore and Indonesia, November 1996; Hong Kong, Jordan, Israel, UK and Singapore, July 1997; East Timor, December 1999 and April-May 2000; Indonesia, Singapore and Indonesia, April-May 2000; Japan, June 2000; Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, April-May 2005; Turkey, March-April 2005.

Parliamentary Delegate to the Australian Constitutional Convention, Canberra, February 1998.

Parliamentary Delegation to Kuwait, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, July-August 2002.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to India, January 2003.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to East Timor, July 2003.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Indonesia, February 2004.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Saudi Arabia, China, India, Republic of Korea, United Arab Emirates and Thailand, June-July 2007.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Leader of the House from 15.2.88 to 11.3.96.

Deputy Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party from 20.6.95 to 19.3.96.

Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party from 19.3.96 to 22.11.01 and from 28.1.05 to 4.12.06.

Leader of the Opposition from 19.3.96 to 22.11.01 and from 28.1.05 to 4.12.06.

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 19.3.96 to 22.11.01, from 3.8.04 to 22.10.04 and from 28.1.05.

Shadow Minister for Defence from 3.8.04 to 22.10.04.

Party Positions

Member, ALP State Executive (WA) 1967-73 and from 1976.

Vice-President, ALP (WA) 1970-73.

Treasurer, ALP (WA) 1977-80.

Secretary, ALP Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence 1980-83.

Member, National Executive Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee 1978-90.

Member, ALP Administrative Committee (WA) 1980-82.

Delegate, ALP National Conference from 1980.

Member, ALP National Executive 1991-2001 and from 2005.


Born 14.12.1948, Perth, WA.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

MA (UWA), MPhil (Oxon).

Rhodes Scholar (WA 1973).

Tutor, Murdoch University 1976-79.

Lecturer in Social and Political Theory, Murdoch University, Western Australia 1980.


The Politics of Intrusion - the Superpowers in the Indian Ocean (with I Clark), Sydney: Alternative Publishing Cooperative, 1979.


Description: provincial.

Location: south of Perth; it includes the centres of Kwinana, Mandurah and Rockingham.

Area: 430 sq km (approx.).

Electors enrolled: 84 223 (at 9.10.04).

Industries: heavy industry in the Kwinana industrial area, alumina refining, tourism and the naval base, HMAS Stirling, on Garden Island.

State electorates: Brand includes parts of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly electorates of Mandurah, Peel and Rockingham, and parts of Cockburn and Serpentine-Jarrahdale.