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KANE, John ThomasBiography for KANE, John Thomas

Senator for (NSW)

Democratic Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected 1970 to fill remainder of casual vacancy in accordance with section 15 of the Constitution. Defeated at general elections 1974.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Social Environment from 7.4.1971 to 26.8.1971; Education, Science and the Arts from 11.5.1971 to 26.8.1971; Primary and Secondary Industry and Trade from 26.8.1971 to 20.4.1972; Industry and Trade from 20.4.1972 to 26.2.1973.

Senate Select: Civil Rights of Migrant Australians from 29.5.1973 to 11.4.1974.

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Member, Australian Delegation to the 60th Annual Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Rome, September 1972

Party Positions

Former Assistant General Secretary of the New South Wales Branch of the A.L.P.

Former New South Wales Secretary of the ALP Industrial Groups

General Secretary of the New South Wales Branch of the D.L.P., 1956

Federal Secretary of the DLP since 1957


Born 23.7.1908, Burraga, Australia

Died 27.10.1988, Darlinghurst