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GREENWOOD, the Hon. Ivor John, QCBiography for GREENWOOD, the Hon. Ivor John, QC

Senator for Victoria

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of Victoria on 21.2.1968 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice Hon. J Gorton (resigned). Elected 1969 to fill remainder of casual vacancy in accordance with Section 15 of the Constitution. Re-elected 1970 and 1974 and 1975. Died in Office, 13.10.1976.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Health from 22.3.1971 to 2.8.1971.

Attorney-General from 2.8.1971 to 5.12.1972.

Attorney-General from 12.11.1975 to 22.12.1975.

Minister for Police and Customs from 12.11.1975 to 22.12.1975.

Cabinet Minister from 12.11.1975 to 8.7.1976.

Minister for Environment, Housing and Community Development from 22.12.1975 to 8.7.1976.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Regulations and Ordinances from 20.3.1968 to 30.3.1971; Privileges from 21.8.1968 to 11.11.1975; Standing Orders from 7.6.1973 to 13.10.1976.

Senate Select: Off-shore Petroleum Resources from 13.3.1968 to 30.3.1971 (Chair from 9.12.1969 to 30.3.1971); Corporations and Securities Industry Bill 1975 from 23.4.1975 to 11.11.1975.

Senate Estimates: C from 16.9.1970 to 20.4.1971; A from 9.5.1973 to 15.4.1975; F from 15.4.1975 to 11.11.1975.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Australian Parliamentary Delegation to the Australian Constitutional Convention, September 1973.

Member, Australian Parliamentary Delegation to People's Republic of China, June 2973.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party Executive from 20.12.1972 to 14.6.1974.

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate from 22.12.1975 to 7.7.1976.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate from 20.12.1972 to 11.11.1975.

Opposition Spokesman on Attorney-General Matters from 20.12.1972 to 14.6.1974.

Opposition Spokesman on Australian Capital Territory from 20.12.1972 to 14.6.1974.

Opposition Spokesman on Attorney-General Matters from 14.6.1974 to 11.11.1975.

Other Positions

Appointed Queen's Counsel from 1969.


Born 15.11.1926, Melbourne, Australia

Died 13.10.1976, Melbourne


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

LLB (University of Melbourne).