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THOMAS, the Hon. JosiahBiography for THOMAS, the Hon. Josiah

Senator for (NSW)

National Labour

Parliamentary Service

State: Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Alma, 1894. Resigned 11.6.1901 following election to the House of Representatives division of Barrier, New South Wales.

Federal: Elected to the House of Representatives for Barrier, New South Wales, 1901. Re-elected 1906, 1910, 1913, 1914. Retired prior to general elections 1917. Elected to the Senate for New South Wales 1917. Defeated at general elections 1922. Elected to the Senate for New South Wales 1925. Defeated at general elections 1928.

Parliamentary Appointments

Member, Royal Commission on Ocean Shipping Services, 1906

Ministerial Appointments

Cabinet Minister from 13.11.1908 to 2.6.1909.

Postmaster-General from 13.11.1908 to 2.6.1909.

Postmaster-General from 29.4.1910 to 14.10.1911.

Cabinet Minister from 29.4.1910 to 24.6.1913.

Minister for External Affairs from 14.10.1911 to 24.6.1913.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Standing Orders from 12.7.1917 to 1.1.1919; House from 22.7.1920 to 1.1.1922.

Senate Select: Effect of Intoxicating Liquor on Australian Soldiers from 10.1.1918 to 1.1.1918 (Chair from 1.1.1918 to 1.1.1918); Beam Wireless Charges, Australia to England from 21.2.1929 to 1.1.1929 (Chair from 1.1.1929).

House of Representatives Select: Shipping Service between the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom from 7.9.1905 to 1.1.1905.

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Visited England at the Invitation of the Imperial Parliamentary Association, 1916


Born 28.4.1863, Camborne, Cornwall, England

Died 5.2.1933, Croydon Park


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament


President, local branch of the Amalgamated Miners' Association from 1892