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BISHOP, the Hon. ReginaldBiography for BISHOP, the Hon. Reginald

Senator for (SA)

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for South Australia 1961. Re-elected 1967, 1974 and 1975. Retired with the expiration of term 1981.

Acting Ministries

Acting Minister for Labour from 26.5.1973 to 7.7.1973.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Repatriation from 19.12.1972 to 12.6.1974.

Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence from 19.12.1972 to 12.6.1974.

Cabinet Minister from 19.12.1972 to 11.11.1975.

Postmaster-General from 12.6.1974 to 11.11.1975.

Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence from 6.6.1975 to 11.11.1975.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Library from 4.3.1964 to 26.2.1973; Regulations and Ordinances from 26.8.1965 to 25.11.1969.

Senate Select: Container Method of Handling Cargoes from 20.4.1967 to 1.1.1968.

Senate Estimates: C from 16.9.1970 to 2.11.1972; D from 16.9.1970 to 2.11.1972; F from 26.8.1976 to 10.11.1977; E from 16.3.1978 to 1.4.1980; A from 2.4.1981 to 30.6.1981.

Joint Standing: Foreign Affairs from 15.4.1970 to 2.11.1972; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 25.3.1976 to 30.6.1981.

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary Delegations to South-East Asia, June-July 1964

Member, CPA Conference, Kingston, 1964

Member, Australian Parliamentary Mission to Europe and the United Kingdom, June-July 1968

Member, Parliamentary Delegations to South-East Asia, June-July 1970

Member, CPA Conference, Kuala Lumpur, September 1971

Observer, South Pacific Commission, Apia, Western Samoa, September 1972

Official visits to Indonesia, April 1973

Leader, Parliamentary Delegations, South-East Asia, January 1974

Member, Parliamentary Delegations, USA, June-July 1976

Member, 22nd CPA Conference, Canada, June-July 1976

Member, Parliamentary Delegations, Middle East, July 1977

Member, Parliamentary Delegations, East Europe, July 1978

Member, Parliamentary Delegations, South-East Asia, July 1979

Member, 26th CPA Conference, Lusaka, September-October 1980

Other Positions

Executive Member, ATCU, 1956-62

Member, H.R.H Duke of Edinburgh Study Conference, United Kingdom, 1956

Member, South Australian Advisory Committee, Workmen's Compensation, 1957-61

Member, Second ATCU Delegation to China, 1958

Adviser, ILO conference, Geneva, 1960


Born 4.2.1913, Adelaide, Australia

Died 3.7.1999, Adelaide


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

Official, South Australian Branch, Australian Railways Union, 1937-56

Secretary, South Australian Trades and Labour Council, 1956-62

Commissioner, South Australian Board of Industry, 1956-62

Military Service

Enlisted in RAAF, Served in Darwin and Borneo from 23.02.1943 to 04.01.1946, when discharged