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FINDLEY, the Hon. EdwardBiography for FINDLEY, the Hon. Edward

Senator for (Vic)

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

State: Elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly for Melbourne, 1900. Expelled 25.06.1901 for seditious libel.

Federal: Elected to the Senate for Victoria 1903. Re-elected 1910, 1914. Defeated at general elections 1917. Elected to the Senate for Victoria 1922. Defeated at general elections 1928.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chairman of Committees from 22.06.1926 to March 1929

Ministerial Appointments

Cabinet Minister from 29.4.1910 to 24.6.1913.

Honorary Minister from 29.4.1910 to 24.6.1913.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Printing from 3.3.1904 to 1.1.1909; Library from 9.10.1914 to 1.1.1917; Standing Orders from 6.7.1923 to 1.1.1929; Printing from 6.7.1923 to 1.1.1929.

Senate Select: Old-age Pensions from 19.5.1904 to 1.1.1904; Retrenchment of Major J. W. M. Carroll from the Defence Forces from 2.6.1904 to 1.1.1904; Tobacco Monopoly from 31.8.1905 to 1.1.1905; Press Cable Service from 22.10.1909 to 1.1.1909; Beam Wireless Charges, Australia to England from 21.2.1929 to 1.1.1929.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party Executive from 25.11.1908 to 6.7.1910.


Born 8.9.1864, Bendigo, Australia

Died 26.10.1947, Caulfield


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament


Publisher, Boomerang, Tocsin and Sunrise

President, Trades Hall Council in 1896-97

President, Australasian Typographical Union from 1897