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ANTHONY, the Hon. Hubert LawrenceBiography for ANTHONY, the Hon. Hubert Lawrence

Member for Richmond (NSW)

Australian Country Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the House of Representatives for Richmond, New South Wales, 1937. Re-elected 1940, 1943, 1946, 1949, 1951, 1954 (unopposed) and 1955 (unopposed). Died in Office, 12.7.1957.

Parliamentary Appointments

Member, Economic and Industrial Committee of Cabinet from 26.06.1941 to 07.10.1941

Acting Ministries

Acting Minister for the Interior from 24.10.1950 to 28.4.1951.

Acting Minister for Health from 21.7.1951 to 26.9.1951.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister without Portfolio assisting the Treasurer from 28.10.1940 to 26.6.1941.

Minister without Portfolio assisting the Minister for Commerce from 28.10.1940 to 26.6.1941.

Minister Assisting the Minister for Commerce from 26.6.1941 to 29.8.1941.

Minister for Transport from 26.6.1941 to 7.10.1941.

Cabinet Minister from 26.6.1941 to 7.10.1941.

Postmaster-General from 19.12.1949 to 11.1.1956.

Minister for Civil Aviation from 11.5.1951 to 9.7.1954.

Committee Service

Joint Standing: Income Tax on Current Income from 9.2.1944 to 1.1.1944.

House of Representatives Standing: Printing from 3.12.1937.

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Visited New Zealand to discuss trade arrangements, 1941

As Minister for Civil Aviation visited New Zealand, flying on inaugural flight Melbourne to Christchurch, July 1951

Visited New Guinea and Territories to Inspect flying and postal facilities, July 1951

First Australian Ministerial visit to the Union of South Africa, travelling on inaugural flight of Australia-South Africa air service, via Cocos Island, from September to November 1952

Studied television developments in the United Kingdom and United States, from September to November 1952


Born 12.3.1897, Warren, Australia

Died 12.7.1957

Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

Banana Farmer

Military Service

Enlisted in AIF from 28.10.1914 to 04.10.1916, when discharged

Embarked with 2nd Signal Troop (Engineers), 22.12.1914

Returned to Australia, 08.08.1916