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FORDE, the Rt. Hon. Francis MichaelBiography for FORDE, the Rt. Hon. Francis Michael

Member for Capricornia (Qld)

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

State: Elected to the Queensland Legislative Assembly for Rockhampton, 1917. Resigned 5.10.1922 to contest the House of Representatives division of Capricornia, Queensland.

Federal: Elected to the House of Representatives for Capricornia, Queensland, 1922. Re-elected 1925, 1928, 1929, 1931, 1934, 1937, 1940 and 1943. Defeated at general elections 1946.

Parliamentary Appointments

Member, Royal Commission on the Moving Picture Industry from 1927 to 1928

Member, Australian Advisory War Council from 29.10.1940 to 31.05.1945

Member, War Cabinet from 07.10.1941 to 01.01.1946

Acting Ministries

Acting Minister for Markets and Transport from 1930 to 1931.

Acting Prime Minister from 3.4.1944 to 3.7.1944.

Acting Minister for Defence from 3.4.1944 to 3.7.1944.

Acting Prime Minister from 19.10.1944 to 22.1.1945.

Acting Minister for Defence from 19.10.1944 to 22.1.1945.

Acting Minister for Trade and Customs from 19.10.1944 to 6.1.1945.

Acting Minister for Commerce and Agriculture from 31.7.1945 to 2.10.1945.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister Assisting the Minister for Customs from 22.10.1929 to 4.2.1931.

Cabinet Minister from 22.10.1929 to 6.1.1932.

Minister for Trade and Customs from 4.2.1931 to 6.1.1932.

Minister for the Army from 7.10.1941 to 1.11.1946.

Deputy Prime Minister from 7.10.1941 to 3.4.1944.

Cabinet Minister from 7.10.1941 to 1.11.1946.

Deputy Prime Minister from 3.7.1944 to 19.10.1944.

Deputy Prime Minister from 22.1.1945 to 6.7.1945.

Prime Minister from 6.7.1945 to 13.7.1945.

Deputy Prime Minister from 13.7.1945 to 1.11.1946.

Minister for Defence from 15.8.1946 to 1.11.1946.

Committee Service

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts from 14.2.1929.

Joint Select: Moving Picture Industry from 15.3.1927.

House of Representatives Standing: Privileges from 7.3.1944 to 16.8.1946.

Censorship from 1944 to 1944 (Chair from 1944 to 1944).

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Leader, Australian Delegation to New Zealand, 1944

Leader, Australian Delegation to United Nations Conference, San Francisco, April 1945

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party Executive from 5.2.1929 to 22.10.1929.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition from 16.2.1932 to 7.10.1941.

Deputy Leader of the Government from 7.10.1941 to 28.9.1946.

Other Positions

Appointed Privy Counsellor

President, Australian Natives' Association

President, Workers Political Organisation

Member, War Council (Rockhampton Branch)

Appointed High Commissioner for Australia in Canada, 1946


Born 18.7.1890, Mitchell, Australia

Died 28.1.1983, Brisbane


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

Teacher and electrical engineer

Telegraphist, Commonwealth Postmaster-General's Department

Clerk, Queensland Railway Department