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Biography for GUILFOYLE, the Hon. Dame Margaret Georgina Constance, OBE

Senator for Victoria 1971-87

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for Victoria 1970 (term began 1.7.71), 1974, 1975, 1980 and 1983.

Retired prior to general elections 5.6.87.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Education from 12.11.75 to 22.12.75.

Minister for Social Security from 22.12.75 to 3.11.80.

Minister for Finance from 3.11.80 to 11.3.83.

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister in Child Care Matters from 22.12.75 to 23.6.76.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: House from 19.8.71 to 11.4.74.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Finance and Government Operations from 6.10.71 to 25.9.74 and from 21.4.83 to 2.5.84.

Senate Select: Foreign Ownership and Control of Australian Enterprises from 2.2.72 to 11.4.74.

Senate Estimates: A from 28.9.71 to 11.4.74; B from 14.9.72 to 2.11.72; C from 3.10.74 to 11.11.75 and from 4.5.83 to 21.2.85; F on 6.4.87 to 5.6.87.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts from 18.8.71 to 11.11.75 and from 13.12.83 to 5.6.87.

Joint: Prices from 2.5.73 to 11.4.74.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Official visits to the Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia, January 1978; Japan, April 1978; the UK, Switzerland and USA, June 1979, and Canada, June 1980.

Attended the International Conference of Women Leaders, Israel, June 1979.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 14.6.74 to 11.11.75. Spokesman on the Media from 14.6.74 to 26.3.75 and on Education from 26.3.75 to 11.11.75.

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 16.3.83 to 14.12.84. Spokesman on Taxation from 16.3.83 to 14.12.84.

Party Positions

Chairman, Women's Section Liberal Party (Vic) 1969-70.

Member, Liberal Party State Executive (Vic) 1969-70.

Member, Federal Women's Committee 1969-70.

Member, Liberal Party Federal Council 1967-70.


Born 15.5.26, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament


Licensed auditor of public companies and registered taxation agent.

Formerly head office accountant with large public company.

Accountant in private practice.

Hon. National Treasurer, YWCA of Australia 1970-77.

Hon. National Treasurer, Appeals Committee for a Hall of Residence for Women Students at the University of Papua and New Guinea 1970-73.

Member, Board of the Victorian State Opera from 1981.


Appointed Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, January 1980.