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CAMERON, the Hon. Douglas NivenBiography for CAMERON, the Hon. Douglas Niven

Senator for (NSW)

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for New South Wales 2007. Re-elected 2013 and 2016.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 7.7.11 to 11.11.13

Ministerial Appointments

Parliamentary Secretary for Housing and Homelessness from 1.7.2013 to 18.9.2013.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Library from 1.7.2008 to 30.6.2011; Scrutiny of Bills from 1.7.2008 to 30.9.2010; Privileges from 30.9.2010 to 1.7.2011.

Senate Select: Climate Policy from 18.3.2009 to 15.6.2009; Scrutiny of New Taxes from 30.9.2010 to 1.11.2011; Health from 26.6.2014 to 14.5.2015.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Finance and Public Administration from 1.7.2008 to 14.5.2009; Economics from 1.7.2008 to 14.5.2009; Economics: Legislation from 14.5.2009; Finance and Public Administration: References from 14.5.2009 to 27.9.2010; Finance and Public Administration: Legislation from 14.5.2009 to 27.9.2010; Environment and Communications: Legislation from 30.9.2010 to 11.11.2013 (Chair from 30.9.2010 to 11.11.2013); Environment and Communications: References from 30.9.2010 to 11.11.2013; Economics: References from 1.7.2011; Economics: References from 1.12.2015 to 3.12.2015; Education and Employment: Legislation from 30.8.2016 to 1.9.2016; Education and Employment: References from 30.8.2016 to 1.9.2016.

Joint Statutory: Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity from 1.7.2008 to 5.8.2013.

Joint Standing: Parliamentary Library from 1.7.2008 to 30.6.2011; National Broadband Network from 23.3.2011 to 5.8.2013.

Joint Select: Parliamentary Budget Office from 22.11.2010 to 23.3.2011; Broadcasting Legislation from 14.3.2013 to 24.6.2013.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member of the Opposition Shadow Ministry from 14.10.2013.

Shadow Minister for Human Services from 18.10.2013 to 23.7.2016.

Shadow Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships from 23.7.2016 to 24.10.2017.

Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness from 23.7.2016.

Shadow Minister for Skills, TAFE and Apprenticeships from 24.10.2017.

Party Positions

Member, ALP Administrative Committee (NSW)

Delegate, ALP State Conference (NSW)

Delegate, ALP National Conference


Born 27.1.1951, Bellshill, Scotland


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

City and Guilds qualified fitter and machinist

Maintenance fitter, steel, ship repair, vehicle and power industries

Organiser, Assistant State Secretary, Assistant National Secretary and National Secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union

Member, Australian Best Practice Committee

Trustee, Superannuation Trust of Australia

Vice-President, Australian Council of Trade Unions 1999-2007

Director, Australian Super Pty Ltd 2006-07