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MESSNER, the Hon. Anthony JohnBiography for MESSNER, the Hon. Anthony John

Senator for (SA)

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for South Australia 1975. Re-elected 1977, 1983 and 1987. Resigned 17.4.1990.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Veterans' Affairs from 3.11.1980 to 11.3.1983.

Minister Assisting the Treasurer from 3.11.1980 to 11.3.1983.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Disputed Returns and Qualifications from 24.2.1976 to 19.10.1980; House from 4.3.1976 to 10.3.1977; Publications from 6.3.1979 to 26.11.1980.

Senate Select: The Operations of the Mount Lyell Company from 11.11.1976 to 3.12.1976.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Finance and Government Operations from 24.3.1977 to 19.9.1980; Social Welfare from 21.4.1983 to 5.6.1987.

Senate Estimates: C from 29.4.1976 to 26.8.1976; B from 26.8.1976 to 16.3.1978 (Chair from 6.9.1977 to 16.3.1978); C from 16.3.1978 to 20.9.1978; B from 20.9.1978 to 1.4.1980; F from 1.4.1980 to 19.9.1980; B from 4.5.1983 to 20.3.1986; B from 14.4.1986 to 6.5.1986.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts from 4.3.1976 to 17.8.1978.

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Member, 25th CPA Conference, Wellington, November-December 1979

Represented Treasurer, the Hon J. W. Howard, M.P, at meetings of Asian Development Bank, Hawaii, April-May 1981

Represented Treasurer, the Hon J. W. Howard, M.P, at IMF Interim Committee, Gabon, May 1981

Visited USA to discuss U.S Government's handling of Vietnam veterans' problems, June 1981

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member of the Opposition Shadow Ministry from 16.3.1983 to 12.5.1989.

Opposition Spokesman on Social Security from 16.3.1983 to 14.12.1984.

Opposition Spokesman on Community Services from 14.12.1984 to 9.9.1985.

Opposition Spokesman on Finance and Taxation from 9.9.1985 to 21.4.1987.

Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Technology and Commerce from 21.5.1987 to 14.8.1987.

Opposition Spokesman on Communications from 14.8.1987 to 16.9.1988.

Opposition Spokesman on Public Administration, Federal Affairs and Local Government from 16.9.1988 to 12.5.1989.

Party Positions

Vice-President, Young Liberals Co-ordinating Committee, 1964

Chairman, Liberal Party South Eastern Regional Convention, 1966

Member, Liberal Party State Council (S.A.) from 1967

Member, Liberal Party State Executive (S.A.), 1970-75

Policy Co-ordinator, Liberal Party (S.A.), 1972-75

Member, Liberal Party Federal Council, 1974-75

Member, Liberal Party State Executive (S.A.), 1980-83

Member, Liberal Party State Executive (S.A.), 1985-87

Other Positions

Secretary, Mt Gambier Chamber of Commerce

Secretary, SA Road Transport Association (South-East Division)

Inaugural Secretary, SA Bulk Fertiliser Spreaders' Association

Inaugural Secretary, South East Log Hauliers' Association


Born 24.9.1939, East Melbourne, Australia


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament



Chartered accountant in public practice, Mt Gambier, 1965-69

Chartered accountant in public practice, Adelaide, 1969-75