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BELL, Robert JohnBiography for BELL, Robert John

Senator for Tasmania

Australian Democrats

Parliamentary Service

Appointed by the Governor-in-Council of Tasmania on 7.3.1990 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice N Sanders (resigned). Elected to the Senate for Tasmania 1990. Defeated at general elections 1996.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Scrutiny of Bills from 19.8.1992 to 30.6.1996.

Senate Select: Animal Welfare from 11.5.1990 to 3.9.1991; Dangers of Radioactive Waste from 21.11.1995 to 29.4.1996; Uranium Mining and Milling from 8.5.1996 to 30.6.1996.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Employment, Education and Training from 13.11.1990 to 10.10.1991; Rural and Regional Affairs from 10.9.1991 to 30.6.1993; Environment, Recreation and the Arts from 10.10.1991 to 10.10.1994; Employment, Education and Training from 1.7.1993 to 10.10.1994; Employment, Education and Training: References from 10.10.1994 to 30.6.1996; Employment, Education and Training: Legislation from 10.10.1994 to 30.6.1996; Finance and Public Administration: References from 10.10.1994 to 29.4.1996 (Chair from 10.10.1994 to 29.4.1996); Finance and Public Administration: Legislation from 10.10.1994 to 29.4.1996.

Joint Standing: National Capital (formerly Australian Capital Territory) from 16.5.1990 to 10.10.1991; Electoral Matters from 1.6.1990 to 13.11.1990; Parliamentary Zone from 10.9.1991 to 10.10.1991; National Capital and External Territories from 19.8.1993 to 29.1.1996.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Argentina and Brazil, June-July 1992.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Australian Democrats Spokesman on Energy and Resources; Transport; Aviation Support; the Environment from 8.5.1990 to 30.6.1990.

Australian Democrats Spokesman on Primary Industry (rural); Employment and Training; Youth; Local Government; Education; the Australian Capital Territory from 1.7.1990 to 8.10.1991.

Australian Democrats Spokesman on Energy and Resources; Industrial Relations; Local Government; Primary Industry (rural); Small Business from 8.10.1991 to 30.6.1993.

Australian Democrats Spokesman on Employment, Education and Training; Young Australians; Industrial Relations; Local Government; Australian Capital Territory from 1.7.1993 to 7.12.1995.

Australian Democrats Spokesman on Science and Technology; Energy and Resources; Schools; Industrial Relations; Local Government; Australian Capital Territory from 7.12.1995 to 30.6.1996.

Party Positions

Member of the Australian Democrats Executive for Denison, 1987.

President of the Australian Democrats State Branch (Tas.) from 1988 to 1989.

Other Positions

Received ANZAC Fellowship (New Zealand), 1984.


Born 22.7.1950, Hobart, Australia

Died 5.9.2001


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

DipContEd (University of New England).

DipEd (University of Tasmania).

BA(Hons) (University of Tasmania).

Electorate assistant.

Staff development officer.

Youth employment co-ordinator.

Adult education executive officer.

Secondary school teacher.

Delegate, American Council of Young Political Leaders 1989.

Local Government Service

Alderman, Hobart City Council from 1988 to 1990.