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HARRADINE, BrianBiography for HARRADINE, Brian

Senator for Tasmania

Tasmanian Independent Senator Brian Harradine Group

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for Tasmania 1975. Re-elected 1980, 1983, 1987, 1993 and 1998. Retired prior to general elections 2004.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Parliamentary Library from 4.3.1976 to 29.4.1996; Appropriations and Staffing from 11.5.1983 to 2.5.1996; Regulations and Ordinances from 10.5.1984 to 29.5.1984.

Senate Select: The Operations of the Mount Lyell Company from 11.11.1976 to 3.12.1976; Industrial Relations Legislation from 18.5.1982 to 26.10.1982; Video Material from 18.10.1984 to 28.3.1985; Human Embryo Experimentation Bill 1985 from 17.10.1985 to 8.10.1986; Community Standards Relevant to the Supply of Services Utilising Electronic Technologies (previously Telecommunications Technologies) from 21.6.1991 to 23.6.1992; Community Standards Relevant to the Supply of Services Utilising Electronic Technologies (previously Telecommunications Technologies) from 12.5.1993 to 26.6.1997; Information Technologies from 1.9.1997 to 9.11.1998; Information Technologies from 30.3.1999 to 7.12.2000.

Joint Standing: Electoral Matters from 21.1.1987 to 16.6.1992; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 18.5.1993 to 30.6.2005.

Joint Select: Electoral Reform from 28.2.1985 to 5.6.1987; Video Material from 20.3.1985 to 28.4.1988.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Parliamentary Adviser to the Australian Delegation at the 32nd Session of the UN General Assembly, New York, September-December 1977.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Pakistan and India, July-August 1981.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the South Pacific, July-August 1983.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliamentary Institutions, Strasbourg, September-October 1985.

Delegate, 34th CPA Conference, Canberra, September 1988.

Member, 82nd IPU Conference, London, September 1989.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliamentary Institutions and Ireland, August-September 1991.

Attended UN World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, June 1993.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to OECD (Paris), Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea, June-July 1996.

Study tour, Italy, October-November 2000.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to USA, September 2001.

Attended UN General Assembly Special Session on Children, New York, May 2002.

Other Positions

Member of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Group.

Member of the Amnesty International Parliamentary Group.

Member of the ALP Federal Executive.

Member of the Intelligent Island Board.

Member of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship.

Member of the ACTU Executive from 1964 to 1976.

ACTU Delegate at the ILO Conference on role of Co-operatives on Economic and Social Development of Developing Countries, 1965.

ACTU Delegate at the ICFTU World Conference, Amsterdam, 1965.

ACTU Delegate at the Asian Regional Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 1973.

ACTU Delegate on the Government's Advisory Council on Social Security and Welfare from 1973 to 1974.

ACTU Delegate at Asian Labour Laws Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 1975.

ACTU Delegate at Trade Unions and Co-operatives, Thailand, 1975.


Born 9.1.1935, Quorn, Australia

Died 14.4.2014


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

Casual work with Commonwealth Railways and Postal Service.

Union official.

Secretary-General, Tasmanian Trades and Labour Council, 1964-76.

Military Service

National Service and CMF.