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SULLIVAN, the Hon. Kathryn (Kathy) Jean MartinBiography for SULLIVAN, the Hon. Kathryn (Kathy) Jean Martin

Senator for Queensland 1974-84; Member for Moncrieff (Qld) 1984-2001

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for Queensland 1974 (term deemed to have begun 1.7.73), 1975, 1977 and 1983.

Resigned 5.11.1984.

Elected to the House of Representatives for Moncrieff, Queensland, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996 and 1998. Retired prior to general elections 2001.

Parliamentary Appointments

Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the National Library of Australia from 2.3.84 to 26.10.84.

Member, Advisory Council on Australian Archives from 7.6.84 to 26.10.84.

Parliamentary Positions

Deputy Chair of Committees from 8.5.90 to 8.2.93.

Member, Speaker's Panel from 1.5.96 to 21.10.97.

Ministerial Appointments

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs from 9.10.97 to 16.2.00.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: House from 18.7.74 to 11.11.75 and from 17.8.78 to 26.10.84.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Education, Science and the Arts from 25.9.74 to 11.11.75; Education and the Arts from 24.3.76 to 17.8.78 and from 21.4.83 to 26.10.84; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 1.4.81 to 9.9.81.

Senate Estimates: D from 3.10.74 (Chair from 20.5.76) to 26.8.76 and from 4.5.83 to 26.10.84; C from 26.8.76 (Chair from 8.9.76) to 16.3.78; B from 16.3.78 (Chair from 7.4.78) to 20.9.78 and from 2.4.81 (Chair from 7.4.81) to 4.2.83; A from 20.9.78 (Chair from 21.9.78) to 21.8.80.

House of Representatives Standing: House from 28.2.85 to 1.6.89 and from 16.5.90 to 30.10.97; Employment, Education and Training from 8.10.87 to 24.10.89 and from 12.5.93 to 29.6.94; Procedure from 3.6.92 (Chair from 20.6.96) to 23.10.97; Privileges from 18.6.96 to 22.10.97.

Joint Standing: Foreign Affairs and Defence from 22.8.78 to 23.9.81; New Parliament House from 25.8.81 to 26.10.84 and from 28.2.85 to 1.6.89; Migration Regulations (formerly Joint Select) from 15.6.89 to 19.2.90 and from 20.6.91 to 8.2.93; Migration from 26.5.93 to 29.1.96.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Government Delegation to Japan and People's Republic of China (Leader of Delegation in China), January 1977.

Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Delegation to Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, June-July 1978.

Visited Phnom Penh with a seven-member USA Congressional Women's Delegation, November 1979.

Member, Australian Delegation to UN World Conference on Women, Copenhagen, July 1980.

Parliamentary Adviser, 36th Session UN General Assembly, New York, August- December 1980.

Member, Observer Delegation to 8th General Assembly, ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organisation (AIPO), Jakarta, September 1985.

Member, Observer Delegation to 9th General Assembly AIPO, Kuala Lumpur, January 1988.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to South Pacific, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Western Samoa, July-August 1989.

Deputy Leader, Delegation of Women Parliamentarians to the Soviet Union, September-October 1990.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 84th IPU Conference, Punta del Este, Uruguay, October 1990.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 85th IPU Conference, Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and bilateral visit to China, April 1991.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 86th IPU Conference, Santiago, Chile, October 1991.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 87th IPU Conference, Yaounde, Cameroon, and bilateral visit to Russia and the Ukraine, April 1992.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 88th IPU Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, September 1992.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to 90th IPU Conference, Canberra, September 1993.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to 92nd IPU Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 1994.

Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 41st CPA Conference, Colombo, and bilateral visit to Sri Lanka, October 1995.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to AIPO meeting, Phuket, Thailand, September 1996.

Australia's representative at IPU Conference on Women in Parliament, New Delhi, India, February 1997.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to the AIPO General Assembly, Nusa Dua, Bali, and bilateral visits to Thailand and Laos, September 1997.

Official visit to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, October-November 1997; Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, February-March 1998; USA, May 1998; Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe, March-April 1999; Solomon Islands, July 1999; Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, January 2000.

Study tour, Ireland and Singapore, July 2000.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Assistant Opposition Whip in the Senate from 8.4.75 to 11.11.75.

Assistant Government Whip in the Senate from 22.12.75 to 22.2.77.

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 16.3.83 to 14.12.84 and from 7.4.93 to 26.5.94. Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and Administrative Services from 16.3.83 to 14.12.84.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Leader of the Opposition from 7.4.93 to 26.5.94.

Deputy Opposition Whip from 20.10.94 to 11.3.96.

Party Positions

State Secretary, Young Liberals (Qld) 1961-63 and Vice-President 1963-64.

Life member of Young Liberals.

Member, Liberal Party State Executive (Qld) 1974-77, 1979-81 and 1982-83.


Born 8.3.1942 at Brisbane, Qld.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA (Qld).

Mathematics and English teacher.

University of Queensland Administrative Officer.

Part-time lecturer, Queensland Institute of Technology.


Description: Provincial.

Location: South-east Queensland, northern part of the Gold Coast and hinterland; it includes the centres of Arundel, Labrador, Nerang, Parkwood, Southport, Surfers Paradise, Worongary, and parts of Broadbeach.

Area: 182 sq km (approx.).

Electors enrolled: 81 725 (at 3.10.98).

Industries: Tourism, fishing, furniture, textiles, clothing and light industries.

State electorates: Moncrieff includes the Queensland Legislative Assembly electorate of Surfers Paradise, and parts of Albert, Broadwater, Merrimac, Nerang and Southport.